Concrete Questions & Answers

Q. Do you place and finish concrete?
A. We have qualified independent contractors that can provide you with a quote for their services. If you would prefer we can organize the removal, forming, supply and finishing of the concrete. Please ensure you specifically request for the One Price if you would like to choose this option. Our website also offers resources and practical tips for our clients who want to do it themselves.

Q. Do you have pump trucks or have a way to pump from the truck to the site?
A. As noted above we have reputable companies that work for us and will give you a favourable price once referred by us. If required we can include their costs on our bill as a separate line item if you would prefer one invoice.

Q. How far do your chutes reach to off load ready-mix concrete?
A. Our chutes reach from 10 ½ feet to 16 feet (depending on size of truck) straight off the back of the truck and if the chute has to swing to the side, you lose approximately 2 feet. The chutes are 3 ½ feet to 4 feet off the ground at their starting point.

Q. Do you have accessibility to back lanes?
A. Our smaller ready-mix trucks can fit in most back lanes in the metro Vancouver area and a good indication is that wherever the garbage trucks can go, we can also go.

Q. Do you carry a wheelbarrow on the truck and can you carry more than one?
A. We provide a very unique service as we are the only ready mix company that carries a wheelbarrow on the truck for your usage at no charge. It’s a special service for you, our special customer.

Q. Can I pay by cheque?
A. We will accept Visa, MasterCard or cash for payment. The driver can run the credit card through at the job site or you can phone it into the office prior to delivery. If you are paying by cash, please be aware that the driver does not carry change.

Q. How long do you allow for offloading time?
A. We allow 10 minutes per cubic metre offloading time included in the price. If you exceed the allotted time, then stand by charges are applicable and will be assessed at the job site. Our charges are the lowest in the industry and we like to keep them there such that we can ensure that our customers get the best price.

Q. If it is raining, can I pour my concrete?
A. If you decide to pour and finish concrete when it is raining, it is important to have the site area covered so that the surface does not get saturated with water.

Q. Can I pour concrete when it is freezing?
A. It is important to keep the freshly poured concrete from freezing and it should never be poured on frozen ground. Refer to tips for winter concrete for more information. Concrete needs to set and gain some tensile force to resist the freezing stresses. Adding accelerator will help the concrete set quickly. Strength gain is a function.

Q. Can I pour concrete when the weather is hot?
A. The morning when the air is cool, is the best time to pour concrete on a hot summer day. If the area is shaded and away from the heat of the sun and keeping the sub grade moist (careful that it is not poured in mud) will also help. Adding retarder as a way to slow down the setting of the freshly poured concrete will assist in the finishing process. Please refer to tips for summer concrete for more information.

Q. How do I figure out how much concrete I need?
A. Measure up your area (accuracy is important) and use this concrete calculator or give our office a call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Q. What is the difference between yards and metres?
A. A yard is an imperial measurement and a metre is metric. As an example, to calculate the volume of concrete, 1 cubic yard is .80 of a cubic metre.

Q. Do you supply colour in your concrete?
A. We proudly supply colour to be added to the concrete. The preferred method would be to bring it to our plant. When ordering colour, to ensure accuracy of the colour it is important to mention the quantity, and strength of concrete that is ordered. If the retailer has a question about the mix, please refer them to Yard-At-A-Time Concrete.

Q. What size of aggregate is in your exposed mix and what if I want to match to existing concrete?
A. We have three sizes of aggregate for our exposed mix: -1/2" (10-14 mm), B/E (5-8 mm) and our Chilliwack exposed (10mm). If you have an existing area, it will be difficult to match due to size and colouring since the different ready-mix suppliers use different aggregate sources. You are welcome to come down to our plant and take a sample of the aggregate.

Q. Do you supply anchor bolts and do you have a vibrator that I can rent?
A. We have anchor bolts, straps that we can supply and need to be mentioned at time of ordering including the size so that the driver will have the supply with him at time of delivery. A vibrator can be rented during the pour, however, the driver must bring it back with him after the pour is completed and again, must be mentioned at time of ordering.

Q. Can you give me a per yard or per metre price?
A. Since Yard-At-A-Time specializes in small deliveries, we provide you a Best Price Guarantee on all deliveries under 5 m3.

Q. Are you able to deliver on a Saturday or Sunday and are there extra charges for a weekend delivery?
A. We are open for Saturday deliveries but are not open on Sundays. There is an extra charge of $15.00 per metre for a Saturday delivery.

Q. How far in advance should I order?
A. All deliveries are based on availability. However, during our peak season of May – September, it is usually recommended that you order two to three days in advance, especially for a Saturday delivery. We are quite flexible during our low season and usually can service our customers within a day’s notice; if you call us in the morning, a delivery can sometimes be arranged that very day.

Q. Do you supply fibre?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Why does concrete crack?
A. Concrete is a brittle material and cracks due to inability to flex under stress. Cracks easily spread through plain concrete because there are no fibres present to hold the surrounding substance together. Concrete that has not been cured but allowed to dry out the next day will also tend to have more unsightly cracks. It simply lacks the strength needed to hold itself together.

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